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Meditation on the Beach / Sandra Mitchell / Marketer. Writer. Facilitator. Coach.

Retreat planning and retreat marketing

Stewarding your retreat or other meaningful offering

From one-hour sessions to full-week offerings, I’m honored to collaborate with those called to serve others by designing safe and inclusive spaces and experiences where participants come together to explore spirituality, wellness and healing practices, creativity, rest and renewal, and sacred silence.

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​As a steward of your retreat or reflective program, you’ll receive my commitment to moving the planning process from one step to the next with calm leadership, inventiveness, and unflappable problem-solving. Drawing from more than two decades of retreat and event planning experience – and the marketing of those offerings – you can rest assured your retreat’s content, agenda, logistics, promotion, and post-event tasks will be well taken care of.

Retreat, writing circle, and meditation guide

Guiding with intention and heartfelt presence

When stepping into the role of guide for your retreat, contemplative workshop or program, or writing circle, my goal is to hold space for each participant and to have them feel truly seen. ​​With intuition and peaceful energy, I strive to keep retreatants and writers engaged and on topic, and for meditators to feel as settled as possible. And no matter the gathering, it is my aspiration that all feel welcome, safe, and nurtured.


While leading Write Your Heart Out writing circles, writers with all levels of experience gather to write about anger, hope, fear, anxiety, gratitude, addiction, mental illness, caregiving, light and shadow, and more. Through writing practice and sharing, writers are encouraged to create both art and change.

It’s also my privilege to write, and often guide, meditations. Meditations include themes around seasons, forest bathing, nature, stillness, rest, and creativity.


Things People Say

Sandra is a gift. She is incredibly authentic, relatable, warm, and welcoming. The retreat sessions she offers are beautifully prepared, yet leaves room for listening to the needs of the group. Sandra somehow takes heavy and uncomfortable emotions and helps guide participants toward health and healing through a powerful experience. She does this without negating the impacts of pain, anger, and sadness. Rather, she refreshingly validates these thoughts and feelings and provides the tools for the participants to process everything that has been building up for far too long. Everyone left feeling like they could finally breathe easier, and with motivation to continue the journey.


Former Retreat Coordinator
Dominican Center Marywood

Experience to transform your retreats and other meaningful offerings

Past collaborations encompass developing, facilitating, marketing, and supporting educational, restorative, and life-giving retreats and workshops, including the offerings below:

  • Be Still in Sacred Spaces: A Morning of Relaxation and Peace

  • Walking Through Fire: A Retreat for Those with Loved Ones Who Struggle with Addiction or Mental Illness

  • Deep Rest

  • A Well-Lived Life

  • Honoring Fear

  • Leaving Anxiety Behind

  • Market with Heart: Shine Your Light So Others Can Do the Same

  • Being Home in Body, Mind, and Soul: A Weekend Retreat to Create Sacred Sanctuary

  • Sacred Seed: A Contemplative Journey into Nature

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