Life coaching for the creative life


Creating and self-expression require a specific and intense energy - and a certain state of being. 


The energy you expend when writing, painting, making music, or countless other creative acts can leave you feeling either wrung out or exhilarated.


Then you begin the process of putting your work out into the world. You hand your new creative piece off to a trusted friend or professional to help you bring additional clarity and refinement to your work. Sometimes the feedback that comes to you is exactly what you’re hoping to hear. Other times the criticism stings. It shakes your confidence. You begin to shut down creatively.


As a professional writer and creative for more than 25 years, I’ve been on the receiving end of these situations countless times. Gentle feedback and harsh criticism alike – along with my work as a coach – have taught me some profound things about creativity. And one of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that when you feel creatively blocked, it might not be for the reasons you think.


When your creativity is shut down, you find yourself without direction, or you seem to be prioritizing everything else above your creative work, coaching can help you explore what’s getting between you and your art. Together, we will look at …


… How excuses, resistance, and procrastination interfere with your creativity

… If you’ve fully accepted yourself as an artist
… Your vision for living the creative life

… Messages you may have received throughout your life about self-expression and art
… Underlying negative beliefs about your time and your abilities
… Unconscious commitments to something other than your creativity
… Fear that you can’t really create and no one really cares anyway


As a creative, I get it. It’s easy to doubt your gifts and instead believe in the opinions of others you perceive to know more than you. But as a coach, I also know how imperative it is to believe in yourself and your art first. With truth and kindness, I’ll support you as you drop deeply inside to understand what stands between you and your creative expression.


With coaching sessions tailored for your specific circumstances, I’ll provide you with the space to hear your voice above all other voices and to cultivate trust that your creativity and self-expression are not only gifts, but your absolute right.


And when you trust and allow your creativity to rise above the self-doubt, fear, feedback, criticism, and well-meaning advice, what will come to you in your creative process is …


… the heart of your message
… the intention of your art
… the feelings you want to emote
… the connection you long to forge
… the solutions you can provide
… an irrefutable sense of freedom


I promise you that when you answer the call to create, you’ll experience a revival – a revival of your adoration of art, of a desire to show your gifts to the world, and of the need to spread truth and love.

if you don't create ... you will become a menace to society.
maria semple


Is creativity coaching right for you?


If you’re struggling with any of the following, creativity coaching can support you in moving in the direction you'd like to go.

  • Making choices that are in direct opposition to your artistic goals and you don't know why

  • Procrastinating or waiting for the conditions in your life to be perfect so you can begin or continue with your art

  • Committing to your relationship with your creativity

  • Breaking through a single issue or problem that’s getting in the way of your creative life

  • Achieving a long-desired creative goal

  • Uncovering your creative purpose

  • Developing structures to keep your art on track

  • Getting in touch with your unconscious self so you can understand and shift your underlying perceptions and beliefs that stand between you and your self-expression

  • Transforming your thoughts, habits, and circumstances that keep you from what your heart longs for when it comes to your art