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Market With Heart: A Beginner's Guide to Mindful Marketing

Mentoring for mindful marketing

You’re consciously creating your brand, but because your start-up or small-business budget is a tight one, that means you want to handle marketing on your own. Problem is, marketing, branding, and writing aren’t in your wheelhouse. And the changing technology and digital landscape keep you unsure of what your next step should be.


Marketing a business or non-profit, no matter the size, entails many details and prioritizing them is important. It’s easy for all those marketing decisions and activities to pile up, and to become overwhelmed by them. If you lack know-how and confidence, that makes it even harder to take on marketing.


If you’re determined to do all, or the majority, of your marketing, but need a little know-how to back you up, that’s where marketing mentoring comes in. When you work with a marketing mentor you can save precious time, money, and energy.


With a 25+ year career as a marketer and writer for non-profits, higher education, health and wellness practices, small business, and solo entrepreneurs, I can mentor you through the in’s and out’s of creating a presence for your business.


Through one-on-one mentoring sessions via phone or in person, together we can craft a step-by-step marketing strategy, and I’ll answer questions, offer guidance, and provide support. After our initial discovery session – which is always at no cost - sessions are tailored to your specific marketing needs.


A marketing mentoring session may include, but certainly isn’t limited to …


… Creating marketing and branding strategy

… Brainstorming marketing messaging

… Prioritizing marketing activities

… Choosing and buying a domain name

… Selecting a website platform

… Determining social media outlets to engage with

… Receiving social media, blog, and website training

… Reviewing and editing content for online and print publication

… Structuring pricing for your services

… Determining print and online advertising options

… Optimizing your online presence

… Exploring networking and media opportunities

… Determining when to hire outside marketing help and sourcing professionals

… Coaching through the writing process




Championing your innate abilities

You believe your offerings can serve the greater good. Sometimes, though, you have doubts about your ability to effectively promote your services or products.


Non-serving habits, such as not meeting deadlines, under-pricing your offerings, or saying yes when your schedule is already jammed, can get in the way of you spreading the word about your business. When you look below the surface, you might also find you have limiting beliefs that stand between you and your business becoming a smashing success.


Those disempowering beliefs might manifest as snafus with new technology, a fear of public speaking, or paralysis when you sit down to write. If those scenarios sound familiar to you, chances are you have subconscious beliefs about yourself and your abilities that are holding you back from shining a light on all you do.


As a marketing mentor and a certified coach, I offer the accountability and support you need to trust in your abilities and your vision. We’ll work together to ensure you confidently and mindfully move toward meeting your business vision so that you can fulfill your potential and serve the world as you’re meant to.

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