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Calm Sea

marketing + writing services
retreat + writing circle facilitation
creativity coaching


Serving those who nurture heart-centered wellness practices, ministries, good causes, and soulful entrepreneurships as well as those seeking change.

we are born to create


Marketing + Writing Services for Your Heart-Centered Offerings

Woman on beach with sun halo | Contemplative Marketing for Your Heat-Centered Offerings | Sandra Mitchell | Writer. Marketer, Coach. | West Michigan Lakeshore

Marketing and writing services that balance creativity with integrity.

Retreat + Writing Circle Facilitation for the Seekers

Journal and pen on beach | Write Your Heart Out | Sandra Mitchell | Writer. Marketer. Coach | Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, Muskegon, Holland, Michigan

Create change when you dive deep beneath the surface with retreat and writing experiences.

Life Coaching
for the
Creative Life

Watercolor painting of a beach scene | Life Coaching for the Creative Life | Sandra Mitchell | Writer. Marketer. Coach. | West Michigan

Give yourself space and support to work through that which keeps you from fully living your best creative life.


Hey there.

I'm Sandra Mitchell.

I heard the call to create at an early age. From needlework to crafting to writing poetry and short stories, I’ve been stretching my imagination and skill almost the entirety of my life. A childhood spent living on the inside of daydreams and make-believe led to a career of professional creativity.

For more than 25 years, I worked as a marketer and writer for corporate healthcare, higher education, nonprofits, and small business. Somewhere along the line, that call to create began growing louder, and I stepped away from a traditional career to answer that creative call more fully.

These days, I spend my working hours marketing and writing. I am most gratified when collaborating with those who nurture heart-centered wellness practices, good causes, and soulful entrepreneurships. I also facilitate retreats and writing circles for those looking to dive deep beneath the surface to transform states of being, emotions, and perspectives, thereby creating both change and art.

When I’m not working, I spend my time, well … creating. I'm learning to paint. I plant gardens. I make soup. I cultivate relationships. I write.

create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.
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Write My Heart Out


Things People Say


“Positively beautiful!!! Your writing is so real, raw, and authentic. It sends chills up my spine. You give words to things that we all think about but don’t dare to say. Your writing is so courageous and bold!” 


“Sandra is an excellent writer…and has great insight as to what is current and relevant. While professional in all regards, Sandra also has a sense of humor and personality that make every interaction a positive experience.”


“You have been (are) an incredible coach and have forever affected the trajectory of my life...thank you!!” 


“I hired Sandra for her writing skills not knowing how good she would be at adapting to the ever-changing world of online marketing...she is one of the best writers I know, and I trust her instincts implicitly. Sandra is fun and interesting, and I thoroughly enjoy working with her!"


"Sandra helped me launch my brand with skill and grace. Her marketing know-how has really augmented my professional presence...Sandra is professional, prompt, and easy to work with. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!"

Blue watercolor heart with waves and seagull | Sandra Mitchell | Writer. Marketer. Coach. | Grand Rapids, Grnd Haven, Muskegon, Holland, Michign

“As a coach-in-training myself, I thought I had discovered most of what there was to know about myself. Sandra has a way of listening and gently provoking one to go deeper. She coached me to finding and healing parts of myself that I didn't even know were there. If you desire to empower yourself toward living your best life, contact Sandra. You won't regret working with her.” 


“Sandra has been great to work with, very collaborative, and talented. Sandra really knows her stuff, is always up on the latest trends, knowing what works and why. Working with Sandra is always a pleasure.” 


“Sandra has amazing communications skills and creative ability. She relishes challenges and handles multiple projects with ease. Sandra is an energetic and focused individual who, as a result, is able to achieve a positive outcome for every project with which she is involved.” 


“Feeling overwhelmed and pressured, I couldn't even figure out how or where to start. My coach encouraged me to dive in. Even though times were hard, in the end I could see the real lightness that I had been seeking was with me all along. I am thankful for the reminders these lessons teach, which reconnect us to our most highest selves. If more people can live as expressions of light like this coaching provides, the world would be a much better place. Sandra's calm nature and willingness to reveal her own vulnerability made it easy to break down barriers and release some of the pain in my heart.” 

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