Real writing coaching: Brian Plachta

Real Writing Coaching is a series of Q&A's with writing coaching clients. Read first-hand accounts of the obstacles that bring writers to coaching, what they received from their coaching experiences, and how their writing process is transformed.

Real Writing Coaching with Sandra Mitchell | Brian Plachta

​​What brought you to writing coaching?

I was looking for someone to help jump start my writing and to help me move to the next level in my writing career. I googled writing coaches in West Michigan and Sandra's name appeared! Serendipity!

What did you set out to accomplish or learn through writing coaching?

I wanted to more fully embrace my writing as a gift and push through some of my internal blocks.

Describe your coaching process.

The process began with an initial guided meditation to center and ground myself. During that time I was invited to embrace an intention for our session. That intention then formed one of the building blocks of our conversation. We then discussed the topic for the session and entered into a closing guided meditation that helped me move more deeply into my heart space to seek and find the wisdom within.

What did you like most about your coaching sessions?

The contemplative practices at the beginning and end of the sessions.

What was most useful to you in the coaching process?

The freedom to share deeply. Also, being invited to read Debbie Ford's book, The Dark Side of the Light Chasers.

What was your biggest take-away from the coaching process?

Embracing my shadow and letting it lead me into the Light of who I am and the gift of writing as a means of connecting with my Higher Power and being a sacred vessel to share the inspiration that comes my way.

What was the hardest part of participating in writing coaching?

Showing up was the hardest part. With a full calendar I sometimes resisted our calls, but I pushed through my resistance and typically grew as a result.

What is the biggest aha you had during your coaching?

I am a writer and am invited by God to embrace that gift and allow the Creator to use that gift to make the world a better place.

Did you achieve the outcome you'd hoped for with writing coaching?

Yes, and then some. I was even inspired and nudged to begin writing my third book!

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