Vision all around

In the middle of my Michigan January, I split town and spent 10 days on the beach in the Dominican Republic. I had solid intentions of writing and of checking in while I was gone, but I wasn't moved or motivated to do so once I arrived at the beach.

After beating myself up for a couple days over my resistance to being a grown up and doing some work, I was able to ask myself what I really needed on this trip. The answer I received was to sit still and to be with my guy. I may have even heard the words "bask in your vision."

I spend a lot of time thinking and talking about vision, about that ideal set of circumstances that will fill me up. I set goals and take action to move me closer to my vision. And there I was! I was sitting with vision all around me - sea, sun, sky, love.

I had manifested a piece of my vision and I was worried about writing?

Right. I put away my productive, driven self. Told her to rest for awhile. I greeted my relaxed, in-love-with-my-husband, lazy self. I applied some sunscreen, found my book and my iPod, thanked my husband for the cocktail, and stretched out in my chaise lounge. Vision was all around me, and I spent the next several days just breathing it in.

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