Mirrors all around

​​The pups and I were snuggling and chatting in bed this morning, when it occurred to me - not for the first time - that the amount of love I feel for these creatures is endless and unconditional. It's madness to understand that my 4-legged pals receive more loving kindness than many people in the world.

Then the name Rumi flashed in my brain, and that meant to me he had something to tell me on this sunny morning. So I went looking for the message I needed to hear, and it didn't take long to find.

"This is a subtle truth: Whatever you love, you are."

Ah. Something to contemplate during our morning walk.

After reflecting on what makes me nuts about the dogs - the needless barking (they want to be heard!); pulling the leash so much it aggravates an existing case of tennis elbow (so excited to be out in the world!); and jumping on top of the table (food! I get it that one, too) - I still found a way to admire the qualities that lead to their bad behavior.

On the other hand, what I more readily see about my two girls is their affection and silliness. I love that my dogs always accept my apology when I hurt their feelings or accidentally step on one of their paws. They never hold a grudge. They're always happy to see me, even if it's because I've returned from 30 seconds in the depths of the basement. My girls are always in the present moment and they are always completely themselves, no matter what. My puppies are both interesting and curious. And, a big one, they accept me as I am each day.

Dang. Not only are humans my mirror, but so are animals. So much to love about my pups, and about myself, it seems. Even the qualities that appear negative at first glance are there to love. Because of my work as a coach, I know that even if I can't or won't completely own all those positive qualities my pups show off to me every day, they are within. Am I ready to embrace all those qualities and characteristics? How much better would the world be if I did? If you did?

Mirrors surround us. Sometimes it's hard to peer into them too closely. But if you do, what will you find? Trust me when I say that whatever you find, there is a gift in it waiting for you.

In case you need a little, sending loving kindness to you all.