Creativity and companioning

As the days go by, I find I’m working harder than ever to understand what my purpose is and to really take ownership of my gifts and cumulative lived experiences. At times, I’ve doubted my abilities so hard. Trashed them even. But the more I put my work out into the world, the more I’m affirmed that I am headed in the right direction. My work, though forever shifting and evolving, aligns with what I believe my purpose to be.

For the longest time I was convinced my purpose was to be a teacher and leader – to be someone people turn to for knowledge and advice. What I know now is that I don’t want to be a leader – at least not all the time. I’ve spent some sessions in the teacher’s seat these past couple of years, and it’s good being with those who want to learn and transform. But these experiences have taught me that leading and teaching are not my first loves.

I’ve discerned I prefer to be a creative and a companion. As a creative, I spend a lot of time on my own, which suits me. As a companion, the group is quite small – sometimes just me and a coaching or marketing client, sometimes me and a small group of writers. It’s such a relief to figure that I love the solitude being a writer brings. And I’ve been able to understand I also need the spirit of connection and collaboration that comes from working with those who also long to create – whether they are creating art, creating a brand, or creating themselves.

I want to be someone who walks alongside others as they work through struggles, as they live, as they create. I’ve known all along I really do have all the answers I need if I can just get quiet enough to hear them, and so do you. But we can’t always function in a bubble. Sometimes we need someone to challenge us, someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to hold us accountable, someone to affirm us, someone to celebrate with, someone to hold space for us while we try to hear those answers that live deep within us.

I am so down for that creativity and companioning.

And on that note, I offer here a link to my new website, which highlights offerings for creativity coaching, contemplative marketing, and transformational writing. If you’re so inclined, have a look around. If there’s anything you need help with, you know where to find me.: